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Cellulite busters

Eat tomatoes and soy

No matter how you actively do your exercise or spend hours of strenuous exercise a day, it wouldn't change the texture of your skin, so the problem arise from skin, not fat or muscle.

Changing your diet and taking skin firming supplements can help. Lecithin which comes from soy, spinach and tomatoes, helps repair cell membranes.

Ditch junk food

High salt content in junk food encourages fluid retention. Cellulite contains higher than average water-attracting cells, so if you have excess fluid in the body, this moves to the cells, swelling them which could also cause cellulite in slimmer women.

Drink more water

Excessive caffeine, salt and alcohol - and not enough water will cause the orange peel effect. Limit coffee and alcohol, and drink enough water and you will see a difference in a few weeks.

Cut out refined sugar

Acid forming foods make our bodies too acidic which upsets the digestive system and makes it less able to eliminate waste products.

Quit eating refined sugars and refined carbs such as white rice and white bread. Also cut back on salt, eat more vegetable and drink more water.

How to enjoy your cake without feeling guilty

...... omit your sugar intake from coffee or tea (better still just drink plain water) by drinking plain water or coffee/tea without sugar, this way you will omit the extra calories from sugar.

Just remember you won't be able to taste the sweetness from your coffee or tea or whatever sweet drinks you're having because the cake is sweet enough.