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Satisfy your cravings with healthy snacks and low on calories

How do you satisfy your cravings? Do you take healthy snacks and low on calories? If you always fall into a yo-yo diet, it is about time to concentrate on your food and how you take them.

In case hunger strikes during the night, instead of taking those chocolate bars, why not grab or prepare yourself some healthy snacks. They are easy to make too.

Here are 6 healthy snacks for you to try at home and they are all under 200 calories.

Fruit and nut mix

Combine 1/4 cup chopped dried apricots, 1 tbsp each golden and dark raisins and 1 tbsp toasted almond silvers for a mineral-rich office healthy snack.

Veggie sticks and salsa

Cut 1 large carrot and 1 stalk celery into long sticks. Serve with 1/2 cup vegetable dip salsa.

Easy smoothie

Blend 1/2 banana, 1 cup vanilla soy milk and 1/2 cup strawberries for a quick pick-me-up.

strawberry fruit Strawberry fruit

Fruit sundae

Combine 1/2 cup mango slices, 1/2 cup berries and 1 tbsp low-fat yoghurt for a calcium and vitamin C boost.

Yoghurt fix

Sprinkle 1 tbsp granola or muesli over 1 scoop low-fat yoghurt. Drizzle with 1 tsp honey as a wake-me-up bite.

Popcorn delight

Three cups air-popped popcorn seasoned with 1 tbsp salt will fill your rumbling tummy.

How to enjoy your cake without feeling guilty

...... omit your sugar intake from coffee or tea (better still just drink plain water) by drinking plain water or coffee/tea without sugar, this way you will omit the extra calories from sugar.

Just remember you won't be able to taste the sweetness from your coffee or tea or whatever sweet drinks you're having because the cake is sweet enough.