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Tips to survive holiday food treats

The weather is getting nice and warm for some countries and soon summer is approaching. What is your next plan? Holiday and bikini body and that means weight loss too!

When it comes to holiday, some people who plan to lose off some weight will fret just to think about how to survive the holiday food treat offered in hotels.

I will tell you how:-

* Never skip breakfast, when you have breakfast, treat it as if it were your last meal - have a hearty and healthy breakfast that it could last you till lunch. Eat fruits and salad for lunch only.

* When hunger strikes, fill your tummy with fruits. Fresh fruit juice is a second best choice.

* Go low on fatty foods i.e french fries, potato wedges or onion rings. Skip your side orders.

* Indulge on salads and vegetables served on the buffet table, this portion should fill more than half of your plate.

* Avoid deep fried foods (I know they are hard to resist but remember your plan to stick to your weight loss goal!), instead grab anything grilled, steamed or poached.

* Dessert time? Yes treat yourself but have coffee or tea instead of cake.

To those going on a summer holiday, eat smart during your holiday and good luck with your weight loss goal!

How to enjoy your cake without feeling guilty

...... omit your sugar intake from coffee or tea (better still just drink plain water) by drinking plain water or coffee/tea without sugar, this way you will omit the extra calories from sugar.

Just remember you won't be able to taste the sweetness from your coffee or tea or whatever sweet drinks you're having because the cake is sweet enough.